Technology Marketing Content and Copywriting -- About Mike Fischler

Mike has been marketing technology and creating technology marketing content for 30 years, as both a marketing executive and as a consultant. That gives him a perspective, as a Marketer and as a Copywriter, not often found.

Mike started Markitek in 1992, after more than a decade as a tech marketing practitioner and executive. His work has taken him around the world: fourteen countries on four continents. His clients include very recognizable names and nearly four hundred companies known primarily to their complex tech markets.

Mike has created content for technologies too numerous to list: application development environments, systems software, security software, security appliances, networks, storage, applications, telecommunications, routers, switches, APIs . . . too numerous to list.

Here's what sets MIke's work apart..

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Mike hits the tech bricks running. No hand holding. No "tell me what you do" sessions. Mike takes the time to learn the function and value--that's tech features and user benefits--of what you make, or the services your offer.

Mike understands how tech markets operate, think and respond. He's built messages that open new markets, strengthen cash cows, develop channels, exploit partnerships.

Technology Marketing Content and Copywriting -- Home
Mike understands the mindset, the pressures, and the hidden agenda of technology Buyers. He knows that a sale is not an event, it's the outcome of a process. And he knows that marketing content has to support every phase of that process.

Technology Marketing Content and Copywriting -- Home
For technology companies, content must support Sales' efforts to move companies through the cycle. The case study that was impressive at the top of the funnel is meaningless in the middle.

Technology Marketing Content and Copywriting -- Home
Mike conforms to and integrates with his clients' simplest and most complex development and production processes and technologies.

An engagement with Markitek is a personal engagement with Mike Fischler. He doesn't farm out projects to writers you don't know, with talents you haven't assessed, and knowledge you haven't probed. A single point of accountability, knowledge, talent. When he creates content, it's with that client focus.

Mike has a Master's Degree in English from California State University, Northridge.