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Technology copywriter Michael Fischler writes creative, credible and authoritative technology marketing content.

Mike has worked with over 400 technology companies, both market leaders and mid size companies, across technology categories.

Mike understands technologies—that lifts the burden on you to nursemaid a learning curve.

Mike hits the content bricks running. In fact, his clients rarely spend more than half an hour kicking off any project.

Working with all those clients, and often with their customers, means Mike understands not just the technologies, but the people that buy them and use them.

Mike understands that tech content needs a lot of people in the review process, and he works well with everyone: sales reps, product managers, technologists, executives—and more.

He's mastered every type of content tech companies need. You can't throw a challenge at him he can't handle.

Mike works on one-off projects and on long-term engagements. Many of his current clients have relied on his knowledge and talent for many years.

Mike's technology content always hits the mark. He creates relevant messages to the right audience, with the right approach, at the right time in the selling process.

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