Technology Marketing Content and Copywriting--Rate Guidelines

Mike's rates range from $1 to $1.50 per word. That's $450 to $675 a finished page.

The complexity of the assignment and the amount of research required are the variables that determine where in that range any individual project falls. A case study for instance--where the only research required is (generally) a conversation with you or the customer--falls at the lower end. A complex white paper--where you may need Mike to start at topic definition--would be on the higher end.

Fees include research, conferences, abstract and outline development, and as many drafts as are required to complete the project to the client's satisfaction. Travel (rarely required) and out of pocket expenses are reimbursed by the client.

Rates for emails, single web pages and other shorter content are roughly half that cost.

With only infrequent exceptions, clients prefer a per-project fee.

Discounts are applied to long-term engagements.

Mike requests a portion of the fee up front, and the remainder tied to project milestones.

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